Out of Comfort Zone update

After a l-o-o-o-ng hiatus, I finally remembered that back in February I had taken the Out of Comfort Zone challenge. Since then, I pretty much forgot about it—a little bit of Alzheimer’s setting in?

I’ve never had much luck at remembering things, but I’ve found that as I’ve gotten older, well, it’s gotten worse.

So, anyway, while it’s not much, at least it’s something. Should you have nothing better to do (a little self-effacement here), you’re welcome to read along.

Have a nice day, in any event.


Updated Out of Comfort Zone tab

Do Something Different!

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I’m taking the Challenge! (No Comfort Zone–2012)

Once a week this year, I plan to do something out of the ordinary and blog about it each week and put it in a new page in my Odds and End Thoughts blog called “Out of Comfort Zone”. It will likely be nothing earth shattering, but only something a bit different from my regular daily activities.

So often we get in a rut and do the same thing day after day until life gets to be somewhat of a bore.

We wake up to buzzing alarms; get out of bed; take care of hygiene issues; fix and eat breakfast; zip off to work; do that bit; come home all tired out and plop down in the easy chair (if you’re a guy) or go into the kitchen (if you’re a gal, for, as we all know, a woman’s work is never done); eat dinner; maybe even have a little bit of real conversation and/or time with the spouse and kids, if they’re lucky; watch TV; go to bed; and start all over again.

So, whether it’s only to take a different route home, listen to country music instead of rock and roll, read a book by a new author, work on a crossword puzzle, visit a new website, or whatever, I’ll be reporting on it.

Of course, I don’t really expect it will get a lot of hits because it’s more for me than for anything else. Yet, anyone is welcome to drop on by, read and leave messages, if you like.

I encourage anyone to click on the No Comfort Zone badge in the right-hand column or the link at the top of the page and do yourself a favor and get out of your Comfort Zone, if only for one instance one time a week.

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