In My Case, Lucid Dreams Aren’t All What They’re Cracked up to Be

View of episode 53 vent active on south flank of Pu`u `O`o, Kilauea, Hawaii. Photograph by C. Heliker on February 21, 1993. Courtesy of USGS

I’ve long had an interest in dreaming, and in particular, lucid dreams. For those of you who might not be familiar with the concept of lucid dreaming, I offer the following definition from the Lucid Dreaming / How to Lucid Dream website:

Lucid dreaming is the ability to become aware that you are awake whilst you are still within your dream.

Basically, what this means is: Say you’re in the midst of walking down the street in the midst of a typical dream., if there is such a thing. All of a sudden you realize that you’re actually dreaming. This may be due to something seeming out of place, such as a bear walking down the middle of the street on its hind legs. Or, as in my case, you just have the inspired thought out of the blue, “Hey, I’m dreaming.”

Lucid dreams are very special because it puts you in control of your dreams. You’re the boss. You tell the dream where you want to go or what you want to do. You can also ask questions of the dream. For instance, you can ask the bear, “Who are you and what are you doing in my dream?”

As dream characters most often represent aspects of our subconscious minds, according to the latest critical thinking, we are in effect conversing with our own subconscious minds. This can be very enlightening. Dream characters can also represent other people or even events.

One of the most popular themes in lucid dreaming, at least as far as I have been able to determine, is flying. It is reported as being exhilarating, liberating and just plain fun.

I have flown only once in my dreams, no twice, although the second time was during a hypnogogic state of mind. For those unfamiliar with this terminology, it relates to the state just before one is fully asleep—basically halfway between being awake and asleep. I remember them both. In neither was I in control.

In my flying dream, many, many years ago, I was flying over a forested, mountainous land. However, I hadn’t gone very far before I woke up. I don’t recall feeling anything in particular, but I rarely do in my dreams.

The hypnogogic “dream” was much more interesting. At the time I lived in a large valley between two mountain ranges running north and south. I lived much closer to the western range.

I was drifting off toward sleep when I suddenly found myself flying—more like being ushered through the air by some unknown force—toward the western range. When I found myself above the westerns range, looking down I noticed small eruptions of fire out of the ground, not unlike the photo above, but on a much smaller scale.

I don’t know the history of these mountains, except that they were and are rich in minerals such as gold, silver and copper. Nowhere has there been any signs of eruptions, even slight ones.

I don’t know what the purpose of the first flying dream was, but I’ve since wondered if the hypnogogic “dream” represented the aftermath of some earth-changing event of the future.

However, regarding lucid dreams, I have had three of them throughout my many years. I remember them all.

Lucid dream #1 and #2 were identical in theme and length. I don’t think I was anywhere in particular in the dream, but as soon as I realized I was dreaming, two men immediately jumped on my back and bore me to the ground, whereupon I immediately woke up.

You can be sure these dreams got me thinking. They weren’t at all what they were cracked up to be. I was not only disappointed, but I was left to wonder their significance.

In lucid dream #3 I was walking down a street than ended in a ‘T’. In the yard of the property on the southeast corner of the ‘T’ intersection was a man shouting at me all sorts of nasty things. It appeared he was unable to move from the property. Directly across the street from him was another man, also shouting nasty things at me. It appeared he was also unable to move from the property.

I continued walking toward the ‘T’ intersection, ignoring the two violent, angry men, and turned left at the ‘T’. After walking not very far, I decided I would like to fly. I had no doubt I would be able to fly since I knew this was a dream.

However, fate overruled my knowing, for as soon as I leaped into the air, I immediately came right back down onto the pavement. My second try ended with the same result. On my third attempt to fly, and in the middle of my leap, I woke up.

Thus ended my last experience with lucid dreams.

To say I was disappointed was putting it mildly. The fact that I was unable to control my lucid dream after reading of many others’ experiences in lucid dreaming, left me with a bitter taste in my mouth, so to speak.

I’ve thought much about the appearance of these two angry and violent men who appeared in all three of my lucid dreams and wondered about their significance.

Has anyone else had this kind of experience with lucid dreaming? I’d love to hear from you, if you have. In fact, I’d love to hear from you if you have had any sort of lucid dream and wouldn’t mind sharing it in the comment section of this post.

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  1. dionnemast
    Sep 13, 2012 @ 21:48:59

    I have had a few lucid dreams. One in particular was an attack by a demonic man. He didn’t look like a demon, but he was in my room attempting to suffocate me to death and I knew he was demonic. I got out of his grips by yelling out the name of Jesus and shortly thereafter woke up. They say Satan doesn’t have access to your mind, so perhaps this was God’s way of making me aware of a demonic presence in my home. When I got up, I walked around the house praying against any evil presence.


    • Cris
      Sep 14, 2012 @ 16:33:56

      Thank you for relating your experience. It must have been somewhat frightening. Yes, Jesus is the way to go in such instances.

      I would say there are circumstances where Satan and his angels can have access to your mind. There is one story in the New Testament that backs this up found in Matthew 8 and also in Mark 5 and Luke 8. It’s regarding Legion, where one or two men (depending on who was writing) were possessed of evil spirits. I’m sure you’re familiar with the story.

      The evil spirits spoke through the man’s mouth to Jesus. Now, one cannot gain control over one’s mouth unless he has control over one’s mind.

      Take also the cases of modern-day so-called mediums, automatic writers and channelers. Some spirit takes over their minds or even hands and speaks through their mouths and pens. Generally, those people do not remember anything that went on during this temporary “take-over”, which is another indication that these spirits do indeed take over people’s minds.

      Those who do these things assume their otherworldly sources are good beings because they come out with good-sounding books, such as the Seth books and “The Course on Miracles.”. But looking at it from a Biblical perspective, that is not how God communicates with this children.

      Others assume that evil spirits cannot do good. Therefore, the sources of these things as just mentioned must be from a higher source. But they err.

      They forget one thing: these sources, which I believe are those evil spirits which were cast out of heaven, which I discuss in one of my other blogs. These beings have been around since the beginning of earthly time. They know a lot of stuff, for they came from God’s presence.

      I have had my own personal experience where Satan himself tried to overtake my mind, but God would not let him only go so far.

      I had previously seen him roaming around in my mind (figuratively) looking for my most private place. Finally, after decades of looking, he found it and burst into it. (Figuratively, he burst down the door to this private “room”.)

      Other instances in the New Testament where evil spirits took over people’s minds are illustrated in all the cases where Jesus cast them out, freeing them from blindness, deafness, muteness and other illnesses, which could not have been accomplished had not they been able to take over their minds, at least to that degree illustrated by scripture.

      You’re a good woman. I can see that. Just keep doing what you’re doing and everything will work out for you, at least in the end.

      Peace and love.


      • dionnemast
        Sep 14, 2012 @ 23:05:42

        The part where you say it’ll work out for me .. at least in the end .. made me laugh. Makes me think, ‘but what of the middle?’ Anyway, do you have a link to the blog you reference evil spirits getting cast out of heaven? I believe you are right that the angels, even the fallen ones, were there in the beginning and know Godly things that we don’t know. I have the Holy Spirit and had the Acts experience of speaking in tongues. I don’t believe that I can be demon possessed, however I’m certain that Satan has some sort of ability to oppress the mind .. especially when we are sleeping. Not sure I’ll figure it out before Jesus comes back, but I know there’s more to this dream thing. My search continues! Thanks for the info! 🙂

      • Cris
        Sep 15, 2012 @ 09:04:17

        Yes, the middle is the hard part. But that’s one of the reasons we are here, I believe, to work out the middle parts—to learn to love unconditionally, to serve others, to judge only righteously, and so forth.

        As a side note, people ironically misjudge Matthew 7:1-2, thinking they’re not supposed to judge at all. That’s not what it says. If we judge righteously, then we are judged by God accordingly. If we judge unrighteously, then we are judged by God accordingly. There is no evil in righteous judgment. It all works out . . . in the end. 🙂

        The link to begin my 13-part series on Satan, his origin and destiny, begins at

        I’ve included a Table of Contents on the site, as well, so you can see if there’s any other subject you might be interested in, such as, “Is There a Mother in Heaven?” My motto for the site is: “Explore the unexplained parts of the Bible.”

        About the speaking in tongues, I’m curious: Did you understand what you were saying? Did anyone else understand what you were saying?

        I’m thinking back to the scripture in Romans 14:19 that says, “Let us therefore follow after the things which make for peace, and things wherewith one may edify another.”

        I’m not in anyway judging the experience. Here’s the reason I mention it at all.

        When I lived in Nashville, Tennessee, a neighbor invited me to attend church with her, so I did. About half way through the services, the organ player interrupted the minister’s sermon and started what I considered babbling. She would talk a bit in English, then a bit in some unknown tongue that I presumed that no one else understood, then a bit more in English, and back and forth until at last she began speaking continuously in this unknown tongue.

        Now I couldn’t make heads or tails out of what she was saying. I doubt anyone else could, either. Now, Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 147:40, “Let all things be done decently and in order.” But here was this organ player usurping the minister as he was talking, hardly not in keeping with any kind of order I’ve come to expect over a long lifetime of church attendance.

        The minister stopped speaking, giving the floor to the organ player, apparently thinking nothing of it, other than this was from God. And there appeared to be no edification involved in the entire experience, at least from my singular point of view.

        Paul, in two separate letters to Timothy (1 Timothy 6:20 and 2 Timothy 2:16) advised his readers to avoid “profane and vain babbling.” And while this woman may have been speaking in some unknown tongue or language (presumably it was a language), there was no intelligence displayed and it seemed like vain babbling to me. I can’t say about the profane part.

        When I think about speaking in tongues, I view it as speaking to another in their language to the the edification of the listeners, such as recorded in Acts 2:1-11, of which I will quote only two verses: 4 and 11: “And they [i.e., the Apostles] were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the spirit gave them utterance. . . . [after naming other foreigners present] Cretes and Arabians we do hear them speak in our tongues the wonderful works of God.”

        Therein also is the purpose for speaking in tongues, in my opinion: for a person to hear “the wonderful works of God” in his or her own tongue.

        Remember, I’m not judging your experience because I wasn’t there. I’m just explaining the only experience I have ever had with regard to the subject of speaking in tongues.

        Remember, too, God isn’t the only one who can speak in all languages. Satan and his angels can, too, else they would not be able to tempt the people of all nations.

        So, I guess the questions one must ask him- or herself when in the presence of someone speaking in tongues are: Was there edification present? That is, did anyone even understand what was being said? And, were “the wonderful works of God” present in the speaking? If not, wherein is the edification?

        I’m sure your experience was very wonderful. Mine was not. Actually, it was kind of creepy. I don’t feel “profane and vain babblings” are of God. But that’s just my opinion. Paul must have warned Timothy for some reason.

        I’ve written way more than I had intended to, but it just came out, so I wrote it. Hopefully, it didn’t offend you in any way. It wasn’t meant to.

        In any event, I’m glad you brought it up, as I think I’ll use it as a basis for a future post. Thank you. 🙂

      • dionnemast
        Sep 15, 2012 @ 11:44:12

        First, thanks for the link. I’ll definitely check it out. 2ndly, I’m not offended at all and understand your skepticism. I was there at one time myself. Without writing a book, all I can tell you is that my experience was real and I often pray in the spirit or ‘in tongues’ both at church or in my private prayer closet still to this day. Did I understand or do I understand what I’m speaking? No. Personally, I’ve crossed the barriers of my own mind and accept the experience as real. I’ve been used in the gift of tongues twice. Meaning, I spoke out in church and it was interpreted by another member in the church.

        I’ll probably blog about the experience at some point.

        What I can tell you is that I trusted that if it happened in the book of Acts, then it had to be real. I kept seeking God and asked Him to prove to me it was real and also to help me overcome whatever mental blocks I had that stopped me. He made certain that I understood, if I asked Him to take over, He would.

        Anyway, I’ll pray that God gives you any understanding and insight regarding this. It really is a beautiful thing. I’ve witnessed it in 2 of my children, 2 of my step-children, and my husband, not to mention numerous non-related people.

        Gotta’ get back to work now. Blessings to you! 🙂

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  3. A lucid dreamer
    Jan 01, 2013 @ 18:19:30

    It sounds like these experiences were all unexpected. Have you ever tried to induce a lucid dream. I have been lucid dreaming off and on for seventeen years.


    • Cris
      Jan 05, 2013 @ 23:13:42

      I have tried inducing lucid dreams but as yet have been unsuccessful. I’ve got a number of books dealing with the subjects and some CDs that are supposed to get me really relaxed but so far, no go. I’ll keep trying, though, when I think of it, which isn’t often enough. Thanks for dropping by and commenting. I’m envious of your success. 🙂


  4. John.
    Apr 12, 2013 @ 12:42:55

    I Lucid dream nearly every night and love it!
    They are pretty much exactly like real life the majority of the ones I have, some seem even more so but every now and then I have 1 or 2 that are sort of basic in design or the weight of everything is a little off. 
    About the Flying, I couldn’t Fly at all for the first few Lucid Dreams I had and when I did first manage it, didn’t give me any real sence of Flying, you know that feeling in your stomach or any sence of speed. 
    After a couple of times though when I got the hang of it, it was and still is amazing, even after a couple of Years and hundreds of times doing it. 


    • Cris
      Apr 12, 2013 @ 14:10:22

      You certainly have my envy. I appreciate your comments.

      I’ve done many things to supposely improve the chance of having lucid dreams, including using lavender oil on my wrists, listening to binaural beats (with earphones or not) and isochronic music (earphones not required) all night long, using pre-sleep affirmations and hypnotic induction (if that’s the right word) previous to falling asleep.

      The result? I’m just as unLucid as ever.

      I will see incongruous things that should clue me in that I am dreaming, but they just go right over my head—totally oblivious to them. For instance, I’ll see a fat man who is thin the next time I look at him. I seem to have no presence of mind in my dreams.

      So, yes, you have my envy. And thanks again for your comments and keep dreaming lucidly. 🙂


  5. John.
    Apr 12, 2013 @ 17:08:45

    I’m pretty sure the key to it all is Dream recall, I’ve always had very good recall remembering around 3-9 Dreams a night!
    You may already know but the best way to increase this is keeping a Dream Journal which can get a little annoying but just the act of sitting up and writing in it when you wake from a Dream gives you much more chance to become Lucid after you fall back to sleep. 
    Also it makes you remember more Dreams and as I say I’m pretty sure that’s the key to it all. 
    I’ve never tried any supplements or anything but Mustard or Onion really seem to increase the Lucid Dreams I have, last night for instance I ate a couple of Cheese and Onion Sandwiches and had 5 separate Lucid dreams! (not linked) When I usually have 1 maybe 2 in a night.

    I also struggled with cues, I now normally just know I’m Lucid. 
    People say to look for Dream Signs but even when I used to think if I see so and so in my Dream I’ll know I’m Dreaming, then I would Dream of that person but not click on and just have a Non Lucid. 

    Good luck with it anyway, if you keep trying you’ll more than likely find something that works for you and honestly it’s so worth it!
    I’ve had some of the best experiences of my Life Lucid Dreaming and have read that’s pretty common among Lucid Dreamers. 


    • Cris
      Apr 12, 2013 @ 21:49:03

      I’m envious of your dream recall. I’m lucky to recall a dream after ten seconds upon awakening. For a time I was recording on a digital recorder my dreams upon awakening, but it messed too much with my sleep.

      I’ve heard people say that if you just write down a couple of things about a dream, then go back to sleep, you’ll be able to recall the entire dream later on. Sadly, that doesn’t work with me. Even when I have transcribed my recorded dreams later on, I still do not often recall the dream.

      I’ve heard a couple of people on Coast to Coast AM radio show name a particular type of cheese that is supposed to help with dreaming, but I don’t recall what the name of that cheese is, only that it’s not something I find in the grocery store.

      The problem I have with dreams is that I am not cognizant in them. Often I am only an observer. Other times I am involved with people and situations that makes me wonder if I am in some other dimension or something.

      I recall that one time I entered into a house where a woman and a couple of kids lived and the woman said to me, “It’s been a long time,” or words to that effect, leaving me with the feeling that I belonged there. At that point it became an even longer time because I woke up—the story of my dream life.

      It seems that when I dream all my sensibilities go to sleep as well. And thanks for the wishes. I keep on trying but so far to no avail.


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