Missing Time, Or Was It Brain Freeze?

Collage created from public domain images courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

This morning I listened to a podcast of the April 6, 2012 Coast to Coast AM radio show. It featured Von Braschler, who discussed the “Secrets of Time” with the host, George Noory.

As I was listening, I recalled a strange event that happened to me while I was waiting for a bus about 14 or 15 years ago in Murray, Utah, a city about six miles south of Salt Lake City.

I was waiting for my bus outside a large mall. As I was about 15 minutes early, I decided to go inside one of the department stores and check out the CD racks for a few minutes. I hadn’t been there long when a lady clerk came up to me and asked if she could help me find something.

I told her, no, thank you, I was fine. I then picked up a CD and started looking at it.

A few seconds later, the same lady came up to me and asked me if she could help me a second time.

I was a bit taken back and again told her, no, I was fine, thank you. I was still holding the same CD.

I then decided to take a look at my watch and noted it was 20 minutes later! No wonder the lady had come up to me again. I had been standing there frozen in time for 20 minutes in the same position!

But I didn’t dwell on that matter until some time later because I was too busy being angry for missing my bus. I marched out of the store, or rather, I should say, I stomped out of the store as though it were the store’s fault that I missed my bus.

Which only goes to show: Time is a funny thing and very fickle at best. Or did my brain just click off for 20 minutes and go into cold storage?

One thing is for certain: It sure made me think. I still don’t have any answers some 14 or 15 years later. I’ve not had a repeat of the incident, fortunately.

Yet, I continue to wonder what exactly had taken place that left me standing frozen in the same position for 20 minutes. Brain freeze? Other than that, I have no answers; do you?

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. MargeKatherine
    Apr 10, 2012 @ 22:53:20

    No, I don’t have an answer but it must have been a strange feeling when you snapped out of your reverie.


    • Cris
      Apr 11, 2012 @ 21:02:56

      It wasn’t really a reverie. It was more like 20 minutes of time just disappeared. The lady came by, left, and came right back, as though no time had elapsed. I wasn’t so much disoriented, either, just angry when I realized I had missed my bus. Sane thinking never appeared until much later. 🙂


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